Why is the dog "broken tail"? Is this good for the dog?


Why is the dog "broken tail"? Is this good for the dog?

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When we go out, we often see some dogs on the street without a tail or a very short tail, which looks like a cut off, so why do dogs have to break their tails?


Hide the emotions.

When a dog is nervous or afraid, he will clip his tail in his ass. When a big dog sees this action, he will know that the dog is afraid and attack the dog. A dog with a broken tail can be guaranteed not to let other dogs see their emotions in the face of danger and provocation.


Health issues.

Because dogs live with people, the hygiene of dogs is very important, and the tail of dogs hangs on the ground, which is easy to accumulate bacteria. When defecating, the tail is also easy to get poop. In order to avoid bacterial infection, many shoveling officers will cut off the tail of dogs.


To look good and aesthetically pleasing.

In foreign countries, it was almost a social mainstream to break the tail for dogs, and in many previous dog competitions, some specific dog breeds had regulations that must be broken. There are also some people who find it more elegant to have a dog's tail cut off, and it feels cuter when they twist their fat ass to please their owner without a tail? If this is the reason, the editor recommends that the owner still focus on the dog's body, if it's simply for the sake of looking good, and if the tail has an effect on the dog, then don't break the tail, after all, dogs with tails are also very cute ah.


Cultivate character.

After the tail is broken, the dog can no longer show the body language of "yielding" with its tail, and can no longer yield as before. This is more conducive to cultivating their brave and ferocious character. Of course, the brave character is good, but don't let the dog form the habit of barking at the sight of people. It is better to do some obedience training for the dog, and you can take some attractive dog snacks (dried chicken, grinding stick) for training, I believe this will be more effective