Do you know why dogs often "shake?


Do you know why dogs often "shake?

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Friends of the dog should have encountered the dog trembling, but why the dog will tremble, just because of fear.

1. fear


When dogs encounter things or people they are afraid of, they will tremble all over. Or meet other animals more powerful than dogs, will also be afraid. There is thunder, when setting off firecrackers, dogs will tremble when they hear loud noises. If the owner is next to the dog, give it some comfort and ease its fear.


2. cold


Dogs, like humans, tremble when the weather is cold. In particular, some short-haired dogs, or elderly dogs, suggest that the owner must do a good job of keeping warm, can be appropriate to the dog to wear some clothes or thick sleeping mat, so that it can be very good to stop the cold wind.


3. excited


Dogs will also tremble when they are excited, which is usually reflected when they go out to play. The owner need not worry too much, but don't let the dog stay in this state for a long time, just play for about two hours.


4. sick


Dogs will tremble when they are sick, and some will be accompanied by other symptoms, such as diarrhea, lack of spirit, etc. At this time, the owner must observe the dog's condition more and take the dog to see a doctor in time, so as not to drag more and more serious!


Conclusion: youUnder what circumstances does a dog tremble?